Anchor Archive Zine Library

The Anchor Archive is a project to encourage zine making and reading, and to make independent media and information more accessible in Halifax. We focus on self-publishing, art, do it yourself media, and education.

Zines embody the DIY ethic that allows art and activist projects to happen by doing and making things without waiting for someone to do it for you. It’s about taking media into your own hands, finding a voice for yourself and finding information and stories that aren’t represented in mainstream media and culture.

In May of 2005 the fantasy of a public zine library space became reality when it got a home and a name. Years of doing workshops, distributing zines to local stores, plus organizing zine fairs in Halifax encouraged us to establish a more long-term zine project. The Anchor Archive Regional Zine Project was officially launched and the zine library opened on a hot day in mid July 2005, celebrated by a mini zine fair in the driveway. Since then hundreds of people have borrowed zines, browsed during open hours, volunteered for shifts and donated zines that they’ve collected or made themselves.

As a community zine resource Anchor Archive hopes to encourage discussion of what zines are, how to make them, and the role of self-publishing and expression and art in the world of crappy commercial media. Having the library as a space for people to come and access zines has already catalyzed and facilitated discussion, new ideas, new involvement and productivity around zines in this community.

(excerpt from DIY in HFX book)


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