Inkstorm Screenprinting Collective

Ink Storm is a collectively-run non-profit screenprinting studio running out of the backroom of the Anchor Archive building. We offer affordable studio access to members, run regular open hours to drop in and work on a project, and have several different classes available as well for beginner screenprinters (see below). We rent screens and have emulsion and stripper available for a small fee.

Get in touch with questions or to register classes :

Classes (please preregister ASAP, our space is small and classes are limited in size):
1. Level 1 classes : first Wednesday of every month, from 7-9pm. Participants go through all the steps in a photoemulsion screenprinting project; coating the screen, image preparation tips, burning the screen, printing, and washing out the screen, as well as info about screens and inks. It’s a packed two hours. We ask that anyone wanting to use the studio first complete this class. The class costs $20-40 sliding scale depending on what you feel comfortable paying.
Upcoming classes: get in touch

2. Project classes : three weeks, Wednesdays from 7-9pm.
In three weeks, participants will go through all the steps of a screenprinting project, starting and finishing an individual project in class time.
Our Level One class is a pre-requisit to taking this class. These classes will allow you to bring in your own image, learn different ways to prepare it for printing, burn a rental screen with your image, and print on paper or fabric. We will also learn about inks and other materials used in more depth than the intro class.
The three week session costs $75 which includes studio time, as well as everything you’ll need: materials for image design, screen rental fees, emulsion and stripper, and inks for printing. The only thing you need to bring is fabric of paper for printing in the final class.
Upcoming sessions: May & June. Email if you’re interested.


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