Zine Machine Radio

on CKDU 88.1FM, every second Monday from 10:30pm-12am. or listen online at www.ckdu.ca.

Welcome to Anchor Archive Radio Zine- a showcase of zines covering a wide range of topics from queer politics to vegan cooking, parenting to personal-zines.

To listen to past shows go to CKDU.ca and find the “program archives” link or visit the zine library where we have all the shows from this year burned on CDs for your listening enjoyment.
Most of the zines read on the show can be found at the Anchor Archive regional zine library.

The concept of Anchor Archive Radio Zine is an extension of the zine library’s mandate to encourage zine making and reading, and to make independent, self-published media and information more accessible in Halifax. Exploring zines through radio presents challenges and opportunities for interpreting and expanding a primarily visual medium into audio.

Besides the exciting potential for new interpretations and combinations of two important independent media formats (zines and community radio) Anchor Archive Radio Zine is a forum to discuss a wide range of topics and themes from various perspectives including local, radical, DIY, queer, youth, arts-based etc.

Our growing zine collection includes subjects like physical and mental health, bikes, activism, gender, travel, race, feminism, food, farming, art, anarchism, crafts, music, parenting, education, sex, and we also have lots of stories, poems, comics, art-books, books about zines, and all kinds of other zine-y things to fuel ongoing discussions, readings and interviews.

Schedule of upcoming & past shows coming here soon…..


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